Saturday, March 17, 2012

Local Couple Dismayed Over Lack of Pink Pegs

Kure Beach, NC -- “We were shocked that there weren’t enough pink pegs for our cars when we played ‘The Game of Life’ the other night with friends,” said Mary Franklin of Tabor City, NC.  “When JoAnn’s car landed on the ‘get married’ square all that was left were blue pegs.”

Mary’s wife of three years, Leah Franklin, said, “We were completely embarrassed when we ran out of pink pegs.  Six of us were sitting around the coffee table staring when JoAnn got to the ‘get married’ block and all we had were those blue pegs just rolling around in the lid.”

Later, Mary fixed the problem by coloring some of the pegs so now they have pink, blue and purple pegs.  

“Now, we can play with our straight, gay, lesbian and transgender friends and not have to worry about awkward moments like we faced on Saturday night,” Mary said.

Fortunately for the couple, their friend, JoAnn, was not offended by using a blue peg.  She stated that it reminded her of her girlfriend, who coincidently is named Peg and a little bit butch anyway.
Milton Bradley, the maker of “The Game of Life,” was not available for comment.

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