Saturday, March 17, 2012

Residents are Overwhelmed with Local and National Politics.

Piner Road -- Barbara and Markie Frye of Piner Road said Friday that they were overwhelmed with this week with local politics interfering with their focus on national elections.  The Fryes have lived on Piner for 14 years and stated they had never seen so many signs lining the road.  
“I have never seen so many signs lining the road,” said Barbara a material artist.
Markie Frye, local recycling activist stated that she couldn’t agree more with her wife of 14 years.  “When we moved here, there were hardly any local signs at election time, but now they line the streets like bag lights at Christmas time but they really don’t tell you much about the person.  Its really poor advertising if you ask me.  They’re all plastic too and I frankly am not to clear on their recycle-ability.”  

However, Barbara stated that the material makes good backing for some of her mixed media art pieces.  
“I was disheartened that I just don’t know much about local candidates.  The best I could do when I went to the polls is vote for the ones who weren’t being indicted.”
“It’s not like local officials can plant a cement factory under our noses without anyone noticing.  I mean its not like they have much impact,” stated Markie.
Barbara shook her head in agreement.  “And even if you go to church with one of these candidates, you still don’t know them in their work clothes.  At least with the national elections, we get to see the drama unfold right before our eyes.  I mean at least we know who the potential womanizers are.  You know that guy isn’t going to be for any rights for women.”
“Yeah, and then there’s the guy who wants to eliminate all three branches of government.”
“I think you mean departments.”
“No, they are definitely called branches.  Anyway, then there’s the robot and that woman who is clearly in denial.  I mean if you want to ‘pray the gay away’ you clearly have an issue.”
“Yeah, someone with that kind of crazy philosophy will have us all wearing prairie dresses before the end of her four-year term,” Barbara added.  
The Frye’s stated that they were glad the local elections are over and that they could return to their obsession with national candidates.  
Although Markie stated that she wished she had sought out more information about the local candidates before voting day.  “Being currently unemployed if I had know about some of these positions, I could have written myself in one of the slots that were unopposed.  That’s one way I could have gotten a job.”

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