Saturday, March 17, 2012

Dog Waits To Go Out While Mob War Rages and Pumpkin Crop Fails

Snow’s Cut -- Molly, the dog, discovered yesterday that she is not the center of her moms’ world.  Much to her dismay, Molly found herself sitting by the door with her legs crossed waiting anxiously for someone to take her out to pee.  
The cat, Benjamin Franklin, rubbed tauntingly against Molly’s front legs purring as she had recently come inside from a jaunt about the complex before the sun sank over the river.  Molly whined at the door and looked expectantly toward where her mothers’ were perched in the living room -- one bent on feeding the world with her massive international farming complexes and the other bent on destroying international crime syndicates that threaten her on a daily basis.

Molly sat by the door waiting.

Janine MacCullers was reported as saying, “She is your dog.  You take her out.”

Annie MacCullers, her wife of five years reportedly answered, “She is our dog, and I just took her out.  I have to harvest these pumpkins and get them to market before they die.”  

“Well, mafias don’t run themselves.  If these SOBs want to start a war with me, I have got to hit them fast and hard so they will think twice about doing it again. You took the dog out four hours ago.”

Benjamin Franklin purred, rubbing her tail under Molly’s nose.  Molly’s hind legs shook helplessly.
The two MacCullers sat in their living room, one sprawled on the couch and the other in the recliner.  After a hard day of work, the two women stated that computer games soothed away the stress of the day.  The couple would not disclose how long they stalled before getting up to go to the door, nor would they state who it was who actually gave in and got up, but Molly reportedly burst out as the door was opened for the pizza man.  

Eventually, the dog returned home reportedly smelling like swamp gas and pork rinds.  The couple is drafting gaming rules to provide for the needs of their pets, cooking dinner, going to work and taking showers.  

There has been no report as to Benjamin Franklin’s reaction to this new agreement.

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